AliExpress Standard Shipping vs. AliExpress Saver Shipping: What are the differences between the two modes of transport?

There are several different modes of transport on AliExpress, which we can distinguish according to the time of delivery and the ability to track orders. Although we almost always think of the China Post and Hong Kong Post, "AliExpress Standard Shipping" has been becoming more popular for some time, from which variations such as "AliExpress Saver Shipping" or "AliExpress Premium Shipping" have emerged. Although the names are very similar, each has very different characteristics, so in today's article we will explain what it is and what advantages these shipments have over the China Post or similar.

ew shipments processed by AliExpress and their benefits

All these new modes of transport have in common that they are all indirectly managed by AliExpress. This does not mean that they are processed directly by the platform (except for AliExpress delivery products), but the seller uses the shipping method offered by AliExpress, which provides greater security and benefits than other shipping methods. These are shipments that have agreements with international shipping companies to arrive faster. We explain their differences.

AliExpress standard shipping

This mode of transportation is currently one of the most popular on AliExpress since it appeared as one of the first. If you choose this method of transport, the provider will send your order to the AliExpress logistics center and from there it will be sent to your home, under the control of the sales page itself. To reach your home, AliExpress can use a shipping system that works with local shipping companies to speed up shipping time. Although it is not available for all countries, there are more and more of them: Spain, Russia, Ukraine ... And in general in most Latin American countries, if we choose AliExpress Standard Shipping, our order will arrive earlier because MailAmericas will be used instead. company. This shipping method is used for products with a value greater than $ 5 (approximately), so a certified shipment with a shipment number that can be easily tracked from the order page itself or from an external site, such as, is used. The parcel will be delivered via the state postal service (the same one that delivers the letters) and the chances of the parcel being stopped by customs are the same as for any other order sent by Chinese Post. So if we have the option to choose between China Post, Singapore Post or AliExpress Standard Shipping, the latter will give us more guarantees.

AliExpress Saver Shipping

This is another of AliExpress's transportation alternatives, which is becoming more common than the alternative to Cainiao, China Post and other economic shipments. This shipping method is used for lower value products (approximately less than $ 5). We get a tracking number, and although it would be equivalent to a regular China Post shipment (which doesn't need a signature to receive), it allows tracking. It therefore has great advantages over the China Post equivalent: the seller will be able to check that the product has been delivered, thus avoiding false disputes and the buyer will have the advantage of being able to track his order.

AliExpress Premium Shipping

This last mode of transport is very difficult to find because it is used by only a few retailers and is not available in all countries. It is used for products that have a high price or if they are very bulky and heavy. It is another mode of transport that AliExpress is in charge of, but in this case it is sent via a private courier like DHL, FedEx, Seur, UPS ... So even if the delivery time is reduced to 7 to 15 days, as we always remind you Through our articles, the use of these private couriers increases the risk of accepting our package with customs surcharges. In addition, the cost of this shipment is much higher, and in some countries, and with agreements with local shipping companies, delivery times could be faster with AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Fast delivery: you will receive your orders in less than 10 days

This platform is constantly working to improve conditions for its buyers. One of the latest innovations is the ability to receive your orders in less than 10 days from China thanks to an AliExpress agreement with various express delivery companies. This will allow you to receive your orders within 3, 5 or 10 business days. Just filter your search using the "Fast Shipping" option. Another alternative is to look for dealers with a warehouse outside of China with delivery compatible with our country. This has a great advantage over the fast shipments we have just talked about, as it will help us avoid customs problems.