How to place an order on AliExpress without payment?

Today, we will explain step by step how the easiest way to place an order on AliExpress without payment. Don't worry, if you still don't know, we'll tell you the point.

AliExpress does not have a direct option to leave the order in "pending payment", so you will have to use a little trick. But don't worry because it is completely allowed and if you do, you will not have any problems. First add the goods you want to buy to the shopping cart and click on "Checkout".

In the next step ("Order confirmation"), click on the "Payment methods" tab to see all the payment options you can choose from. If you are a regular buyer, you probably already have your bank card information stored and if not, just fill in the your card; but in both cases, change your CVV number to a random number and click "Save and Confirm."

It is important that you do so and receive a warning when you click 'Pay Now' to update your CVV number, as the one you entered is incorrect. Now completely close the AliExpress page or application. Note that if you do this from an application, you must close it completely and not leave it open in the background. Please reopen the page or app and you'll see that your order now appears as 'Pending Payment.'

If you wish, you can send a message to the seller to notify him, even if it is not necessary, because the order will be generated directly and received immediately.

In the event that the seller needs to adjust the price of your purchase, you will receive a notification and you will be able to pay it directly in the order section by clicking on "Pending payment" and "Pay now".

Previously, you could access this process by selecting "Other forms of payment," clicking "Pay," and leaving the app or website. However, this form of payment is no longer available, and the only viable method is the one we mentioned above.