We promise a refund if the item you received is not as described or if your item is not delivered in buyer protection period. You can receive the money within 15 days after the end of the complaint process. This warranty supplements and does not limit your legal rights as a consumer, as provided by all mandatory laws and regulations in force in your country of residence.

In this article, we will discuss the different payment methods available on AliExpress so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs - as long as the seller has it activated in their payment options.

1. Contact the dealer

Go to your order history and select an item. Discuss the problem with the seller and see possible solutions.

2. Request a refund

If you cannot reach an amicable agreement after contacting the seller, simply make a claim by opening a dispute within 15 days of delivery. your order or after the deadline for acknowledging receipt of the package (as stated in your order details).

3. Get your money back within 15 days

However, most sellers will refund you within 15 days; if this does not resolve, you can contact AliExpress from order details and escalate your dispute.

Free return

Sellers who offer a "Free Refund" service will have a "Free Refund" icon on the item details page. With the "Free return" service, you have 15 days (excluding the early delivery date) to decide if you want an item from retained or returned for any reason, as long as it is unused, unwashed and in its original condition. - complete with original packaging, tags, etc. It's easy and fast:

1. Simple

Return items locally and easily:

  1. Get a return code or label
  2. Wait for a door-to-door pick-up service or take the package to a designated service point
  3. Finally, wait for the local warehouse to acknowledge receipt of your returned package

Be sure to select "Return goods" when opening a dispute.

2. Fast

Your money will be refunded when we confirm receipt of your returned shipment, which qualifies for a refund.

Items will be processed at your local warehouse, instead of being sent back to the seller's country of origin (e.g. China).

3. Scope of service

Not all countries have a free return service. Currently supported countries include the mainland territories of the USA, Canada, Australia, The United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Holland, Poland, Brazil and Israel.

4. Shipment return fee

Return of packages through a designated local return service or pick-up service from house to house is free.

You can only use a one-time free local refund per order. If you submit multiple refund requests within an order, You can use the free local refund service only once, and other refund requests can continue to use the local return service. but you will need to pay the return shipping to the designated local return address. Therefore, consider joint product returns, to avoid paying additional shipping costs.