REVIEW Eleglide M1 Plus: Mountain electric bike with 100 km range and a fantastic price of 750 €!

The Eleglide M1 Plus mountain e-bike has a powerful engine, a large replaceable and easily removable battery and a respectable 21-speed transmission system. During the trial period, we had a bicycle at our disposal right from the start the main thing that the manufacturer managed to offer for a very popular price was € 749.99.

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular in our country, Slovakia. Just a category of mountain bikes with an electric motor on scooters is among the most popular. No wonder, mountain bikes (without an electric motor) are the most popular. They are durable and suitable into almost any terrain. Whether you want to go somewhere in the city or drive through the woods, mountain bikes have no problem. Many models are so popular that they are often sold out.

We have the Eleglide M1 Plus model in the review, but there is also a model without the "Plus" label and even a folding Eleglide M1 model. The review piece was provided by Geekbuying, where you can buy it today for € 749.99. Later, however, the price will increase to € 800 so if you are interested, do not hesitate and order it sooner. When you do, the store will send it to you from the EU warehouse, and so will you arrives quickly and at the same time without paying any fees or filling in lengthy customs forms.

The Eleglide M1 Plus electric bicycle does not violate the rules of the road in any way. His electric car can do it clean electric drive to reach a speed of 25 km / h, the wheels are equipped with reflective elements and so on.

You even have two different types of handlebars. You can choose from those that have a rotating element to activate electric motor and from "classic" fixed. In this case, the electric motor turns on automatically when it detects that you are they got on the pedals.

Eleglide M1 PLus Packing and Processing

The courier will deliver the bicycle to you in one box. Our M1 Plus was folded in half. You will need to reassemble first handlebars and front wheel. Then of course pedals and light. However, everything is in the package and there is also a clear guide, in which you will find the exact procedure. Before the first ride, don't forget to tighten all the screws and adjust them probably you will also need brakes. If you don't know how, any good bicycle service will help you with that.

In terms of design, we really liked the ELEGLIDE M1 Plus. It has a matte black aluminum frame studded with nice graphics from green-living crosses and company logos. You will find the same design on the battery, which is located on the frame. The good news is, that it is not integrated, so you can easily replace it or simply take it with you and charge it at home.

The only thing we didn't like so much was the so-called Cable management. Sticking cables pose little risk when driving growth. Before the first ride, you can fasten them together with cable ties.

Many electric scooters and bicycles today have on-board computers with displays that inform you of the number kilometers traveled, driving time, current speed and so on. With the Eleglide M1 Plus you will have to make do with battery status indicator and power mode switch. That is, unfortunately, everything.

On a small device, it is possible to change the modes in stages according to the power of the electric motor. You have a total of five modes. Ten the lowest bike will start at 6 km / h, in the highest mode you will be driving at a speed of 25 km / h. You turn it on on the same device also the front, very bright light. Please note that the package does not include a rear light, which you will need to order separately.

The seat provided by the manufacturer is sufficiently soft, even though it does not appear to come from a bicycle intended for seniors. The pedals are made of plastic, but a "better" version of plastic. While driving, I didn't feel like they could break or otherwise damaged.

Eleglide M1 Plus: Driving characteristics

The ELEGLIDE M1 Plus model with 27.5-inch wheels is a mountain bike really suitable for any terrain. You didn't do badly in the meadow, in the woods or on a paved road. Definitely do not take it for the most demanding descents at high speed, but for ordinary cycling quite enough.

In addition to the electric motor and large battery, a high-quality 21-speed transmission system also ensures a comfortable ride, thanks to which you can handle even climbs without having to sit down. And the fact that the electric motor will help you as soon as you feel that you have started to pedal is also a huge help. With the competitive ADO A26, the electric motor is switched on from a speed of up to 7 km / h, which is not entirely ideal, especially on a steep climb.

Eleglide M1 Plus is designed for people up to a maximum height of 190 cm. If you're taller, the ride may not be so comfortable for you, well take you for sure. Overall, I enjoyed the ride on the M1 Plus. It is true that I am not one of those who have a bicycle like the other feet, but he managed the ride perfectly either in the city or on the meadow where we go to walk our dog.

The bike does not have a torque sensor, which means that the electronics are relatively simple. But that doesn't have to hurt. The less electronics, the less things can go wrong, though. Anyway, the electric motor starts to work up after about half speed pedals. It seemed strange to me at first, but after two kilometers I already knew exactly when I had wait for performance and when not.

Eleglide M1 Plus: Battery and durability

The ELEGLIDE M1 Plus model offers the greatest battery life out of three innovations (M1, M1 Plus and F1). It includes 12.5 Ah battery, which is more than most similar electric bikes in this category. ELEGLIDE says that you will cover more than 100 kilometers on a single charge, but in reality count on about half. Unless you weigh 40 kilos and you do not drive at the lowest power.

The battery is attached to the frame with a handy system. You can even lock it with the included keys to prevent it her theft. The fact that it can be detached from the frame is fantastic news for anyone who is afraid of how to charge a bike that cannot be folded in half. You simply disconnect her from the bicycle and take her home without a bicycle that may remain in the garage or basement.

It takes less than 5 hours to fully charge the battery from 0% to 100%, which is an excellent value. The bike will therefore be fully charged whether you are at work or school.

Eleglide M1 Plus: Price

ELEGLIDE M1 Plus is part of a trio of novelties launched by the Geekbuying store, which also covers the operation the whole company. The company invests a lot of money in the development and distribution, so you can count on having your bike home comes very quickly and most importantly without paying any additional fees. In other words - the price you see in the store is final, including postage.

We waited for the bike for 3 working days and we were already able to unpack and assemble it in the newsroom. In the Geekbuying store you can Buy the M1 Plus model at a discounted price of € 749.99 without using any discount coupon. The M1 s model is also available lower range, which was reflected in the lower price of only € 599.99.

Eleglide M1 Plus: Verdict

If you are looking for a cheap mountain bike with an electric motor, the ELEGLIDE M1 Plus is a fantastic choice with an excellent price-performance ratio. It is clear that you will have to settle for some compromises. The suspension is not as good as on much more expensive models, it lacks a real display and similar details. Overall, however, the bike is very well put together and I'm sure it will be true to you to serve.

The bike will listen to you on a straight road, but also on unpaved forest or meadow paths. With every pedal shot A powerful engine will help you, which is priceless in some situations. We will also mention its competition in the form of a model ADO A26, which we also review. ELEGLIDE works better, even though it is cheaper.

Would I recommend it to you? Definitely. If you are not a hardcore cyclist, you will enjoy it and cycling will make you happy have more fun than ever before.