Where can I find the invoice?

Shopping at an online store usually looks like this: you order an item, pay for it, and receive a confirmation, and order details to your e-mail. Are you waiting for confirmation from AliExpress? Then we will disappoint you - AliExpress does not send invoices or receipts. You will receive an e-mail confirmation only when the order is executed, paid, sent, etc.

AliExpress regular customers don't really need order invoices. They are needed especially for small businesses, which deal with dropshipping from AliExpress. If you order a lot, you may need support papers for administrative purposes or to indicate their name on the order details.

You may need to ask the customs authorities for an invoice if they have any doubts and need to prove the price of the product, as in most countries there are restrictions on price, weight and package size. If you exceed them, you will be asked to pay VAT and / or some additional taxes.

If you are asked to prove the price of the goods, generate an invoice containing the actual price of the product and contact customs officer or post office (depending on the country) to solve the problem. Remember to make an account statement to show that the amount on the invoice matches the amount you actually paid for the order.

How to get an invoice for an order on AliExpress?

There are 2 ways to get an invoice from AliExpress. Request an invoice from the store or go to your device install the invoice generation program / extension. We have to say that there is little chance that you trade sends an invoice because they only deal with shipping papers. There is also no possibility to issue an invoice on AliExpress, because it is the seller who bears all the responsibility, so the Alibaba group does not provide proof of payment or invoice.

So let's move on to the second option. Search Google using "AliExpress Invoices" program or extension that generates invoices for orders on AliExpress. When choosing, make sure it supports the necessary formats (i.e. invoice, template pdf, .docx etc.). Most solutions are browser extensions. Ali is one of the most popular extensions Invoice. Let's see how it works.

Find the extension in the Chrome Store and add it to your browser. Use the drop-down menu to expand quickly go to your AliExpress order page. When the extension is active, it will show you 3 characters: one on the toolbar extensions and 2 on the orders page.

Select the order for which you need to receive an invoice and press "Ali Invoice for free". You will be redirected to the invoice page.

Seller information and delivery information are not filled. So press the "options page" and on the page that opens, fill in the required information.

You can then download and print the invoice. Press the green "Print" button in the upper left corner of the invoice and print the paper or save the invoice as a pdf. It is simple!