How to get discount coupons on AliExpress?

If you shop at Aliexpress, you have already saved a lot of money. Today we will be talking about discount coupons, which you can get on Aliexpress.

How can I get discount coupons?

There are two types of discount coupons at Aliexpress:

Aliexpress coupons are published directly by Aliexpress under the auspices of You will most often encounter such coupons during events organized by Aliexpress.

You can get reseller coupons directly from a specific reseller and only redeem them at that reseller.

Where can I find discount coupons?

You can click on the link to the list of discount coupons sellers. You will find hundreds of coupons on this page from dealers at Aliexpress. Choose which coupon you like the most and click on it. In the picture you can see that one seller offers more coupons. Next to the picture is the name of the store / seller. We clicked on the coupon from the seller Fashion Mens Wardrobe .

After clicking on the selected coupon, you will get to the list of coupons of the given seller. Choose a discount coupon and click to him - Get coupon now .

You will then see this message. Informs you that you have received a seller voucher for US $ 5 and can only use it in the store of this seller. You will also see the date until which the discount coupon is valid. In this case, it is until November 13, 2016. If If you want to use the coupon immediately, click Use Coupon Now or you can view it via View My Coupons .

You can view a list of all your discount coupons at any time via the My Aliexpress dashboard and the tab My Orders -> My Coupons . You have the discount coupons divided into Aliexpress Coupons and Seller Coupons . The coupon we just made you can see below. I recommend checking this bookmark because you can forget about coupons and when they expire you can no longer use them. The validity of the coupon cannot be extended in any way.

In the line Validity period you can see from when to when the coupon is valid for you. Can be used on tells you what you can use the coupon for. In this case, everything from the seller's store. In this case, Coupon name is the name of the seller's store. And in the last line Coupon status See if your coupon is still valid.