Why do I see two different prices in AliExpress products?

We get this comment many times: why do I get two different awards on AliExpress? When sales are approaching, we also receive another version very similar to the previous one: why does the price come out before clicking on the advertisement and then another when entering? That's why we'll explain how AliExpress prices work, what you need to consider when making a purchase, and how to make sure what you're buying is really what you think. Whether you are new or experienced in shopping at this well-known website, we encourage you to read this guide.

Why are there two different prices on AliExpress?

This is one of the most recurring questions and the truth is that the answer is quite simple. When we are going to buy a product that has different options (colors, quantities, finishes ...), prices may vary. We get into a situation ... we look for a dress and suddenly we see something like this:

As you can see, on the right are two different dress prices. But if we go to the ad, we will see that different colors and sizes are available. After clicking on the color and size, we will see the final price of the product. For example, in the following image, we have chosen a dress in red and size L, the final price will be $ 11.40 plus postage, which has not yet been included but is listed below.

In the case of clothes, it is very simple, but on other occasions it is difficult to distinguish what we buy, for example when buying equipment. To better understand this, imagine that you want to buy this camera: there are two different prices, as we have already said, if we choose one of the packages, we will get the final price. But how do we know what's in each package? Well, this is a very simple trick that few people know: just hover your mouse over the various options to see what each one contains. In this case, the package on the right is more expensive because it contains two lenses.

As a personal recommendation after many years of shopping on this site, we think it is also very useful to read the product description well, in these cases, sellers usually state the difference between one package and another. In case of doubt, we always have the option to ask the seller before buying to make it clear what we are paying for. If you are still unsure how to contact a reseller without a purchase, we recommend that our Guide contact AliExpress resellers. And if you're shopping from a mobile app, everything works the same way, except for the last part: to know what each option contains, just click on it and you'll see a little description right away. As you can see, when you click on the second option, the description will be: "dual-lens".

Why does AliExpress show me the price but charge me more?

Sometimes AliExpress may appear at the time of payment for your purchases, but a higher amount will appear in your payment account. This is because AliExpress only accepts US dollars, euros, pounds and rubles. If the currency of your country is not one of these currency units, a payment will be made when paying for the purchase, which may be associated with a commission. In addition, some entities also charge currency exchange services or purchases abroad. In any case, it is best to ask the entity that manages your money for payment details and find out what was charged.